Kinship Cultivated is a lifestyle blog by Jen Taylor & Tabitha Zavala.

Out of our hearts to unify women, we created Kinship Cultivated to help you find beauty in your own friendships, through bonding over the simple joys of life.


About Kinship Cultivated

Hi Jen & Tab here, we’re two childhood friends turned next door neighbors with a heart to share about friendship. Life has taught us a lot about marriage, parenting, family & coworkers, but this last year of living as close as kin surprisingly gave us each other as accountability partners to really grow in our friendships with others. Did you catch that? “kin” and “grow” It’s where we got the name “Kinship Cultivated” 🖤

We’ve had each other to be vulnerable in sharing our frustrations & insecurities in all types of relationships. We’ve encouraged each other to learn how to communicate, create boundaries, & lovingly confront a situation instead of our typical, safe-feeling response of shutting that friendship out of our lives.

We don’t think this is an accident, we feel God is wanting us to share what we are learning & use this online community to encourage real life, in the moment, deep friendships, not just acquaintances. And while this is a visual industry, we will still be bonding over all things beauty, the usuals: fashion, interiors, food, health & family.

We hope you enjoy & that we can support you the way we’ve been able to support each other! 

XO, Jen & Tab 🖤