“Just More Love…”


Does anyone feel like the reality of motherhood is a lot like getting thrown into a crashing wave & swimming in any direction to catch a breath, but not knowing which way is up? Just us? NO!

We know it’s not just us, but we so often feel physically isolated and, therefore, lonely & like we can’t talk to anyone. “Why does it look so easy for everyone else?” “Why can’t I seem to handle it all?” “Will I ever find myself again?” Thoughts like these keep us from opening up, in fear of being judged and isolated even more. 

The world today is crying out “just more love,” but how do we do that!? We created this blog not just about us, but about YOU!  We have grown so much this last year; we have been each other’s accountability partner, encouraging the other to dive deeper into their friendships. It made us think, if we have changed this much by being intentional & stepping out of our comfort zones, in what ways are you growing? Because we can’t be the only ones. We want to hear all about it! We want to create a platform to share your ah-ha moments so we can be in this journey together. We truly believe that when you openly listen to someone,  you will understand them better, and therefore judge them less. Isn’t that something we are all hoping to change in our community, and even the world!? Let’s start with ourselves!

At the end of the day, what do we want to accomplish through Kinship Cultivated?

We feel God challenging us to create an atmosphere of support to help us women learn to have loving boundaries, to show His grace & empathy, and to be vulnerable. Let’s put ourselves out there and dance that dance of knowing we’re not going to do it perfectly & neither are they, but THAT’S OK!

Love, Jen & Tab xoxo

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