What comes to mind when you hear the word “BEST FRIEND?”

Do you think of your childhood best friend, your high school best friend, college, 1st roommate, co-worker, mom, neighbor, sister??? Are you analyzing who you’ve been spending the most time with lately; how they make you feel? That word can bring up so many feelings, some who bring joy, and maybe even some who bring an unsettled feeling of “are we still even friends?”

There are so many life-changing circumstances happening all the time that mold you, sometimes into very different people. We’re learning to let go of the expectation that one person needs to be IT, and recognizing that a person we thought was a LIFETIME friend, could actually just be there for a SEASON. And sometimes, the friend you thought was there for a short moment, or REASON, ends up becoming a LIFETIME friend.

And some friends surpass all these different stages and really become your “sister-friends.” The friends that can know your deepest secrets, and still be your cheerleader no matter what you choose throughout your life.

In the end, all of these people are important to shape you & help you grow.

If there are people in your life you’re still expecting to hold that role of BEST FRIEND, its ok to loosen those expectations, and learn to embrace who you’re connecting with in this stage. It’s ok to be in limbo - be patient. We’ve noticed the more true to ourselves & authentic we are with the people we’re around, the more the right friendships gravitate to one another. But finding your sister-friends are definitely worth the wait.

Love, Jen & Tab xoxo


“And some friends surpass all these different stages and really become your ‘sister-friends.”