Glimpse of Goodness #1 w/ Jenn Daigle

Jenn Daigle - Capturing Heart

Jenn Daigle

Photographer - Capturing Heart

Jenn Daigle is a lifestyle photographer we have hired for both professional and personal shoots over the last 5 years, and all 3 of us have become good friends through it. She has a natural grace, beauty, and down-to-earth attitude that draws you to her.  We knew she would be the perfect person to interview first since she would have a lot of patience with this new venture for us, and we are blown away by all the Godly wisdom this girl possess.

In this interview, Jenn will be sharing how she got started with her photography business, and what has happened in her life since, to make her refocus her priorities to giving back to others. We find out what her favorite thing to do is when she's not working, and her 2 #kinshipforkeeps practical tips on how she fosters the friendships in her life.

Jenn’s Aha Moment - Her Glimpse of Goodness

In her darkest season going through a painful divorce, she was looking at herself in the mirror & not liking what she was seeing externally or internally.  She said she was being “introspective to a fault.”

“I was with a friend, and she was thanking me for my role in her life, and it clicked - ‘it’s not about me, it’s what I can do for others.’ You have to input into you mind, your spirit, and your soul so you can give out the best to others. My life is best served when it’s in the service of others, adding value to others, giving back to other people & that’s how I live now. I came from playing the role of the victim; I would take every opportunity to tell other people, and then realized,

“everything we GO through is something we can GROW through.”

“By choosing to look at it as growth, with understanding & having the right perspective, you can know ‘ok I’m going through this to grow through it.’ Then I can help somebody else get through it in the long run.”

So much power in her words!  How much are you relating to this!? We sure are! We can choose to live our lives focusing on all the bad, or we can take ownership of the hard situations and try to grow through them. The next time we all face a struggle, we can recognize that at some future moment we’ll be able to share our story & help someone else, and maybe that will make it just a smidge more bearable in the moment. 

Thank you Jenn! And thank YOU for reading her story. Don’t forget to watch the whole interview below or listen to the audio (coming soon) linked above .

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Love, Jen & Tab xoxo

P.S. We got to meet her at the hippest, boutique hair salon in South Pasadena owned by her brother!! He was so gracious to open the doors for us to try out our first interview, and we are obsessed with the name - Thairapy, because every girl knows, going to get your hair done is a therapy & beauty session all wrapped into one!

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